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The “Your plan” process is carefully designed to help you articulate your dreams and provide you with the financial freedom to realise them. Your plan will help you find out what’s really important to you in life and, when you’ve done that, help you set objectives and overcome any obstacles that stand in your way by ensuring your financial resources are aligned with your life’s objectives.

It is also designed to help you improve your relationship with money so that your finances are actively working for you.

The questions the process covers will make you consider how confident you are that you’re living the most inspired life possible. Is life as meaningful as you’d like it to be or sometimes just a bit hum-drum?

This is your plan, unique to you. It’s your life. What do you want to get out of it?

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Your plan


Your plan


Your plan


There are 3 meetings in the Design process

The design phase of Your Plan consists of two meetings between you and your Financial Planner.

Meeting 1 – Getting to know you

This is an information gathering session. Your Financial Planner will get to know you and take full details of your current financial position, as well as help you to visualise and articulate your goals for the planning process.

It is also of course an opportunity for you to get to know us. We’ll give you plenty of time to ask us any questions you have about how we can help you, how things work, and what we charge for our services.

Meeting 2 – Life Planning

At our second meeting we really dig deep into the life planning aspect, using our proven “three question technique”, to define the vision by which you want to live and then inspire you to want to accomplish your life’s purposes.

Meeting 3 – Financial Life Plan

At the third meeting, we will produce your Financial Life Plan including a cashflow report to help project your goals and finances into the future using some assumptions agreed between us. We can use these figures to model a series of “what if” scenarios to see the impact that certain events will have on your financial future.

Next, we will research all the available options to help you realise your ambitions. This enables us to start transforming your life plan into a true Financial Life Plan with all the necessary foundations in place. We will present the Financial Life Plan to you, which will give you the opportunity to ask questions, and then to make the decision in your own time whether or not to proceed with our recommendations. Finally, all this work will be written into a comprehensive report.

Start designing Your Plan

Your plan - Build

If you decide you’re happy to proceed from the Design phase, this is where we start to underpin your vision and life goals with the vital financial facts and figures. This is the ‘knowledge’ part of the process, which then gives you the strength and confidence to follow your dreams.

In this face-to-face meeting, we will present our recommendations to you in writing, finalising all the paperwork with you and ensuring everything is processed smoothly. We will keep you informed every step of the way, and summarise everything for you when it is complete.

Start designing Your Plan

Your plan - Maintain

A plan can change! It is designed to be forward thinking, not retrospective, so needs to be adaptable.

We believe that once you have created a financial life plan, you stand the best chance of success if you engage with regular reviews. This service is optional, however by maintaining your plan, we can:

  • Make sure you stay on track to achieve your goals.
  • Ensure your plan stands up against any changes in legislation.
  • Make sure that it reflects any changes in your circumstances.

Our planning meetings are forward-looking and not retrospective – we will discuss your desired future and how well your plan is working towards meeting that future. We will present an updated Financial Life Plan report to you, outlining the actions that need to be taken in the next 12 months as well as confirming if you are “On Track” or “Off Track” to achieve your objectives. Any changes / additions / updates will be researched, reported and agreed, and we will give you the opportunity to ask questions, and then to make the decision in your own time whether or not to proceed with our recommendations.

In addition, engaging with us on an ongoing basis means that your Financial Planner is always available to support any financial concerns and enquiries you have. You will also have a dedicated contact in our Client Services department who will be able to deal with any administrative queries you may have.

As an ongoing client, you will enjoy a level of commitment that gives you absolute reassurance that your financial strategy is in the safest possible hands. The Financial Life Planning Service is tailored to your individual needs, as everybody’s financial situation, lifestyle and intentions are all different.

Start designing Your Plan

Your plan

If you’re wondering just how the whole “Your plan” process works, we sum it up with one simple word – E.V.O.K.E.

for Exploration: the getting-to-know-yourself phase of Life planning – time for some open-ended questions.

for Vision: the inspirational phase where your goals are clarified, and you find yourself fired-up to accomplish your life’s purposes.

for Obstacles: the phase where you take on all the challenges and obstacles to your dream, and resolve them methodically, one by one, with energy and determination.

for Knowledge: where you organise and define the financial life plan that, step by step, will accomplish your dreams. You may choose to do this by yourself or with one of our Financial Planners.

for Execution: where you take action on each of the steps outlined in your plan until they are all accomplished, and you are actually living your life plan.

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